The 3rd floor of The Studio is a new space newly completed in December 2021. In addition to adding a professional kitchen and exclusive lounge for members, a complete art exhibition space has been carefully created.


In the new space, The Studio focuses on the promotion of artwork of Editions art selection brand, including art posters, prints, photography, sculpture, digital art, NFT, etc., hoping to make it easier for more people to enjoy artworks.

The new space can also be used as a venue for private dining and holding various events. Everyone can enjoy a unique activity experience surrounded by art.

The Studio also provides intimate private kitchen services, whether it is a birthday celebration, marriage proposal, dinner party, etc., you can make important occasions Feel free to leave it to us.

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3F The Studio

Field equipment


children's dining chair


wireless network

powder room

Gas stove

steam oven



Audio equipment

(with two wireless microphones)

3F The Studio


3rd Floor, No. 144, Section 3, Bade Road, Taipei City


Dining for 30 people, limited to 50 people for special events

traffic information

【MRT】A 7-minute walk from Exit 4 of the Little Arena

[Bus] Meirenli, Bade Dunhua intersection

[Parking lot] Parking lot of Beining Road Social Education Hall, Bade Road Section 3 Ashu Hotel Parking Lot

3F The Studio

Venue rental


3 hours minimum

Weekdays (Monday to Thursday) $3000/hr

Holiday (Friday to Sunday) $4000/hr

Food and beverage consumption during the meal period can be redeemed against the venue fee

Art exhibition price is extra

Please contact through the official Line