Jon Renzella Solo Exhibition 

Mar 5th, 2022- April 16th, 2022

The universe can be seen as a process of gradual formation from invisible primordial matter and then into individual conscious experience. Each of us is made of ancient matter, and every thought and every action is born over billions of years.


  The selection of woodcut prints presented in the "Cohesion" exhibition is arranged in a timeline, illustrating the mysteries of the individuation process from the Big Bang to the creator's personal experience.


One way of thinking about our Universe is as a gradual specification from a formless collection of primordial material into the experience of individual consciousness. We are each a coalescence of ancient matter, every thought and action billions of years in the making.


The exhibition Coalescence arranges a selection of woodcuts into a timeline charting the mystery of individuation from the Big Bang down to the artist's own personal reality.