Festive Dinner Table

Private Chef Service

Home is the most private and relaxing space for everyone. It is one of the joys of life to get together with friends at home.

The chef of The Studio provides on-site service so that our customers can rest assured to leave the food to us, saving the time to buy and prepare ingredients, meanwhile enjoying a variety of exotic dishes, eye-pleasing presentations, and attentive service with their guests.


Our dishes are creative and diverse, using fresh seasonal ingredients. We provide western and other exotic dishes, which can be adjusted for dietary taboos. We can also provide recommendations for food and wine pairings. The minimum cost is15,000 NTD. Book now and enjoy exclusive services!


Lunch set from 1800NT, five courses

Dinner set from 2300NT, six courses

Provide plates, cutlery, and full tableside service,

City traffic and service personnel are extra

Official line @thestudiotw