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April, 26th, 2022- June, 5th, 2022

This exhibition uses 42 collections as Cesar's manifesto for art, breaking the traditional presentation method with the theme of fame or the popularity of works.


Manifesto 42 is based on the connection between collectors and works of art, including the first-hand experience of artists and collectors. The exchange content and memories are the highlights of this exhibition, which are different from the previous exhibition experience and allow visitors, collectors and artworks to form a dialogue.

"They speak to my journey as an artist, educator, spiritual perceiver, husband, parent and lover of life," says Kaiser. Ultimately I hope this exhibition will inspire others to piece together their own as an artistic statement. story."

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Jon Renzella

Mar, 5th, 2022- Apr, 16th, 2022

One way of thinking about our Universe is as a gradual specification from a formless collection of primordial material into the experience of individual consciousness. We are each a coalescence of ancient matter, every thought and action billions of years in the making. 


Jon Renzella

Dec, 17th, 2021- Jan, 15th, 2022

Editions 選物於初登場首月以「Copy & Paste」創作手法作為主軸精神,

開啟為期30天的無限之夜・ Nights of (un)limited Editions,在經典藝術作品、大眾文化之上(Copy),透過邀請不同的藝術家、風格職人與收藏家進行多元演繹、翻玩出無限的創意與靈感(Paste),發展出音樂、電影、調酒、數位藝術創作、NFT 等多元主題,推廣「融入活中的藝術」概念,以30天不同的藝術體驗內容,創造出30種跨界交流與靈感迸發。

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Current Mindset

Aug, 21st, 2021- Nov , 28th, 2021

"Currrent Mindset" group exhibition, invited five contemporary artists from different cultural backgrounds, Edounou (France), Jason Cole Mager (USA), Nathaniel Synge, Murray (Canada), Peng Qianyou (Taiwan), Xie Zifan (Taiwan),


We hope to show the audience the artist's current state of mind and the artist's enthusiasm for the use of various media on the way of creation.

We asked artists to provide creations that best represent their current thinking. The works displayed in this exhibition are all their thoughts, moods, and emotions during the creative process. With the epidemic raging, the world is full of uncertainty. With the careful selection of artists, I hope we can see a glimmer of light facing the future in the works.

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April, 17th, 2021- May , 16th, 2021

Taiwan Oil Painting Collection Exhibition gathered the works of four Taiwanese artists Wang Shouying, Chen Ruifu, Cai Zhengyi and Jian Changda.


They have been in their respective fields for more than 30 years, and they have received professional academic training and followed the masters of their predecessors such as Yang Sanlang. , Li Shiqiao has studied, and has been working hard for decades in their respective professional fields.


Nov, 14th, 2020- Dec, 26th, 2020

In the early stage of the exploration of the works, the artist was faced with the changes and impact brought about by the COVID-19 epidemic. The theme also shifted from the discussion of external social issues to internal introspection, rethinking the nature and meaning of life, and its relationship to himself and society.

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June 27th, 2020- July  27th, 2020


THE STUDIO is honored to collaborate with WANGSIM to present a solo exhibition of British photography artist Martin Parr. This exhibition is the artist's first exhibition in Taiwan, presenting two of the artist's most representative series: Bored Couples and The Common Sense. From the perspective of observing the daily life that we are all too familiar with.


Both Bored Couples and The Common Sense were created in the 1990s. Bored Couples randomly sampled couples or couples that Martin Parr met during his travels, capturing the sense of alienation, empty eyes and silence in the air between men and women after dinner, examining the Two collective consciousnesses ingrained in modern society like deep memories.

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Sound Marks

Sep 2nd, 2020- Oct  24th, 2020


Sound exists all around us, from animals, machines, our favorite musicians, and more. In the project "Voice Marks", we will explore how sounds are marked and preserved, how are sounds embodied in our group and exist in collective memory? What voices can inspire us as we try to rebuild our lives and our sense of security?

In this project, we present a variety of different sounds and invite you to experience the unique experience of sound.

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​Extended Self

March 21st, 2020- May  3rd, 2020

As the opening exhibition of The Art Space, Extended Self conveys that art is life and life is art through the combination of everyday objects, artworks, furniture and space.

"If your house was on fire, what would you take with you?" Foster Huntington, who was working in the fashion industry in New York at the time, asked this question through his Tumblr in 2012, which sparked a worldwide discussion and resulted in a best-selling book "The Burning House".


"What Would You Take?" What is the meaning of the object itself? What meaning is given to the object by the owner?