Will Looped - Julia Hung Solo Exhibition

Opening reception | Nov. 14, Sat, 14:00-17:00

Exhibition date | Nov 14 - Dec 26

Viewing time | Wed and Sun 11:00-18:00 (contact us for other viewing time)

If free will exists, could we change a future that has already been seen?

Influenced by the epidemic of COVID-19, artist Julia Hung confronts the changeable nature of life. The theme is an introspection of her inner as opposed to examining social issues in her previous works. She reconsiders the essence of life and art, and how it relates to herself and the society. By experimenting with the possibilities of different materials, she contemplates the originality of art and the free will of being human.

Perhaps the concept of free will loops without an answer. However, a tiny difference is able to shape a unique individual. Free will can be a useful belief without being fully comprehensible. The mind of the artist loops into the sculptures and suspends in the air,
creating an imaginary space that allows viewers to meditate and face uncertainties in life.

This whole new series for the solo exhibition employs a traditional crochet technique passed on from her grandmother. Suspension sculptures are meticulously woven with enameled copper wire. Her grandmother possesses the delicate yet strong tenacity of water, which has always impressed the artist. This influence is reflected onto her seemingly delicate yet tenacious sculptures. Without prior sketching, the pieces are started with experiencing the materiality. Through a meditative process, the artist taps into her subconscious mind, intuitively crocheting organic lines and shapes. The process
is a conversation with her own mind to visualize the concepts and reconcile opposites into her airy sculptures.

Julia Hung was born in 1986, Taipei. She has traveled and lived in many countries since childhood. Her multicultural experience fosters her curiosity and open-minded perspectives. She aspires to raise questions in order to bring new perspectives to the society. She majored and graduated from the illustration program with a bachelor of design from OCAD University in 2012. In 2016, She obtained her master of fine art degree from the Work.Master - Contemporary Artist Practice program at HEAD, Geneva.

Julia Hung often explores and experiments with different materiality to find new possibilities. A rich use of unusual and meticulous color in organic shapes exhibits consistent characteristics across all her work. She examines today’s consumer culture and raises questions about the current ideology; defining our era as the era of ‘Artificial Reality’. She also believes that everything is interdependent and interchangeable in life. Therefore, she always searches for alternatives and celebrates differences.

As a Taiwanese emergent artist, she continues to search for the meaning and purpose of being human in art.

In 2020, she received Merit Award from ‘Pingtung Fine Arts Exhibition’. In 2017, she received Judge’s Award from ‘New Heads - Fondation BNP Paribas Art Awards’ in Geneva. She illustrated for Marie Claire China from 2013 to 2015. Her art pieces have been collected by the established Artvera's gallery in Geneva and private collector in Europe.

Recent selected exhibition including Art Zone, Taiwan Lantern Festival, Ping Tung, Taiwan, 2019; Immortagram, Element, Taipei, Taiwan, 2018; L’Oranger , Art Geneve, Palexpo, Geneva, Switzerland, 2017; L’Oranger, LIYH(LiveInYourHead Gallery), Geneva Switzerland, 2017;
Bourgeois Bore, Istituto Svizzero di Roma, Rome Italy, 2014.