Extended Self

During Exhibition | March 21st, 2020- May 3rd, 2020

My Extended Self Artist Dinner|April 19th, April 26th

"If your house was on fire, what would you take with you?" Foster Huntington, who was working in the fashion industry in New York at the time, asked this question through his Tumblr in 2012, which triggered a worldwide discussion and resulted in a best-selling book "The Burning House". : What Would You Take?" What is the meaning of the object itself? What meaning is given to the object by the owner? Answers from all over the place from Huntington lead to a conclusion: an object is an extension of its owner.


Regardless of whether an object has a practical function or not, it must carry the owner's thoughts, emotions, and memories to some extent. This exhibition will showcase the creations of seven artists and the objects of fifteen collectors, combining home space, ready-made objects in daily life, and works of art, touching the intimate stories between people and objects, and exploring the connection between the two.

Lee Chi Hsiang          Been to Was Here

YOSHIDA Taiichiro  Flower Sparrow

Lin Shukai Lin Shu-Kai             Balcony City Civilization - Utopia City

Ray Lee                      Whisky Meditation Chest

Wen Yuebin Bing Wen               Woman Female Torso

Jeek                         My Victorinox Knife Gears

Zhang LirenChang Li-Ren           Classic Skin Flick series 3: Rossetti's Mary

Lan Chung Hsuan       Dielusion: Yurie

Anonymous Collector  The Art of Letting Go

Chu Shu Chi Chu Shu Chi            One: All One and All

Anonymous Collector  Checkers Checker for Grandma, given to Grandma as a child

Anonymous Collector  Xu Tutu & Liang Baobao Bunny & Bonnie

Lin Chuan Chu.          Tiaoshi Coast II

Anonymous Collector  12 Birthday Red Envelops