V·V·V FLOWERS by The Studio

"V·V·V" is the abbreviation of Visuals, Views, Vibes. The concept comes from the degree of people's perception of space. It is through visual reception to generate a unique point of view of personal consciousness, and integrate the individual into the current space atmosphere. . "V·V·V Flowers" is a style space manufacturer. By observing the posture of flowers and plants and integrating them into the living space naturally, through technical arrangements, it creates a unique space atmosphere.

The host, Diane, found that contact with flowers and plants can bring a lot of healing, so she found her passion. After completing the AAFF (Academie d'Art Floral Francais) Parisian style floral arrangement Niveau I certificate, he officially resigned from his original job in a foreign company to concentrate on developing his most passionate floral business. Combined with his previous work experience in boutique brands and retail industries, he has worked with The Studio collaborates to create a lifestyle industry together.  

In The Studio, you can see V·V·V Flowers' different table flower arrangements every week, decorating the dining space. At the same time, it also holds life flower art courses in The Studio full of artistic atmosphere, and provides weekly flower service in commercial space and home space, allowing flowers and plants to enter life and create a beautiful atmosphere.

V.V.V Flowers

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