Will Looped - Julia Hung Solo Exhibition

Opening Tea Party | Saturday, November 14th 14:00-17:00

Exhibition Period | November 14th - December 26th

Opening Hours | Wednesday, Sunday 11:00-18:00 (Please call to make an appointment for other periods)

If people have "free will", can we change the future that has been seen?

Facing the changes and impermanence brought about by the COVID-19 epidemic, the theme of the artist shifts from the discussion of external social issues to internal introspection, reconsidering the nature of life and art, and its relationship to themselves and society. By exploring and experimenting with the possibilities of different media, reflecting on the originality of art and the free will of human beings, trying to find inner balance from different perspectives.

Perhaps the concept of free will is unanswered like a circle, but as long as there is a little difference, it can shape us differently. Whether or not free will really exists, it may be a useful belief, and it may not be fully understood, but it can be felt from it, allowing the viewer to enter an abstract imaginary space for contemplation and calmly face the uncertainties in life.

This solo exhibition is presented in a new way, combining the traditional handicraft skills inherited from my grandmother, finely weaving suspended sculptures with colored lacquered copper wires. The tenacity and strength of the grandmother, which is as soft and strong as water, deeply influenced the artist, presenting the seemingly weak but tough characteristics of the work. 


Unframed, the work uses a meditative weaving process that allows the subconscious to communicate with the body, connecting the properties of materials and intuitively sketching organic lines and shapes. In the process of production, the artist talks with herself, integrating the contradictory concept of one body and two sides into the work, and entangles in the space like a cloud of smoke to visualize the idea.

Julia Hung was born in Taipei in 1986. She has lived in various countries since she was a child. Influenced by multiculturalism, she has an open and curious attitude towards many things and likes to ask questions and dialogue with society. In 2012, she obtained a bachelor's degree in Illustration from the Ontario University of Art and Design in Toronto, and a master's degree in the Department of Fine Arts-Contemporary Artist Practice in 2016 from the Higher School of Art and Design in Geneva, Switzerland.

Julia's works often use various media to explore and experiment with different possibilities, use rich colors, think about artificial reality, consumer culture, and the two sides of things, open dialogues with people and find out the mission and the mission of being a person from art. 

In 2020, her artwork won the second category of the "2020 Pingtung Art Exhibition" in Taiwan, and was selected for the "New Heads - Fondation BNP Paribas Art Awards" in Geneva in 2017. From 2013 to 2015, she designed illustrations for the Chinese edition of Marie Claire magazine; her artworks are collected by the important Swiss art gallery ARTVERA'S and private collections.

Recent exhibitions include


"The Tide of the Stars", Taiwan Lantern Festival Art Lantern District, Pingtung, Taiwan, 2019
"Immortagram", GreenPower, Element Original Vegetables, Taipei, Taiwan, 2018
"L'Oranger - ? Also Egg", Geneva Art Fair, Palexpo, Geneva, Switzerland, 2017
"L'Oranger - Eggs?", LIYH (LiveInYourHead Gallery), Geneva, Switzerland, 2017
"RME - Bourgeois Bore", Swiss Cultural Center, Rome, Italy, 2014