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22 - 24  November  2019

For a limited time (3 nights only), welcome to participate in this unique, creative and intimate dinner experience featuring art and food.

This event is called, "Landscape", focusing on this beautiful island.

The land is our food, our culture, our spirit, and our identity and has a close connection with art. Therefore, in the "Landscape" art dinner, we invite "Landscape artists" who choose to depict their vision of the earth in a variety of ways, "Ingredient hunter" and "Taiwan boutique winery" who repurpose ingredients in inventive and environmental-friendly ways on this land. The beautiful things and crops of this land are interpreted in different creative forms. Through the combination of art and food, participants have a chance to understand the land we love and the people who love this land. This special experience only happens for three nights.


Taiwanese artists: Chaun Chu Lin, Mimi Lee, Richard Lin

Ingredient hunter: 好福食研 GoodFood Wes Kuo

Taiwan boutique winery: Weightstone 威石東台灣葡萄酒


Join us (either November 22, 23 or 24) to experience this memorable and meaningful event.


在我們的生活中,我們無時無刻不在使用與歌頌台灣這片土地。因此,在「LANDSCAPE 地景」藝術餐會裡,將邀請以地景為創作主題的藝術家、穿梭於台灣山林田野間的主廚與葡萄酒生產者,一同編譯一場專屬於台灣地景的藝術餐會,將這片土地美好的事物與作物以不同創作型態呈現,透過藝術與飲食的結合,讓參與者更貼近與認識這片我們鍾愛的土地。



食物獵人: 好福食研 GoodFood 郭庭瑋 Wes Kuo

在地釀造葡萄酒: Weightstone 威石東台灣葡萄酒



Co-organized 協辦單位 by Mei Yuan Art Museum 美源美術館 | Weightstone 威石東台灣葡萄酒

Media 合作媒體 by WE PEOPLE 東西名人

Collaborator 合作夥伴 by 深杯子 La Copa Oscura


22th - 24th November  2019

<<11/22-23 FULLY BOOKED>>

6:30  PM - 10:00  PM

Event starts at 7:00  PM

6:30pm Cocktail Hour, viewing of artwork
7:00 PM
Artist introduction Welcome talk of the evening
dining feast/artist sharing/

Dinner/Artists' sharing/Surprising installation art
9:45pm closing sharing Closing Remarks



1st Floor, No. 30, Section 3, Zhongshan North Road, Taipei City

1F.-1, No. 30, Sec. 3, Zhongshan N. Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 104


3,500NTD per head /day includes artists' sharings , artwork tour, cocktails, dinner, and wine by Weightstone


Food: 9  Growing dishes designed with Taiwanese land  

9 kinds of land-based dishes

Wine by Weightstone Taiwan Wine:

  • GRIS DE NOIR ROSE EXTRA BRUT Black and grey traditionally brewed sparkling wine

  • IMPROMTU Impromptu Rosé

  • MUSANN BLANC cedar white wine


Lin Quanju Chaun Chu Lin, Guo Zhihong Chih Hung Ko

, Li Xiaoli, Mimi Lee, Lin Shouyu  Richard Lin

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Lin Chuan Chu is an ink painter and a freelance writer who combines the spirit of literati and peasant who was born at the farmhouse in Wanli. His works pay attention to the relationship between human and land, from farming to art in great varieties of art such as landscape, installation. Also, he was invited to present a "Grass-and-rain-reading" exhibition at the Museum of Tomorrow from JUT Art Museum. At the same time, he played the roles of artist and farmer and practiced the life of ancient literati which is a farm on the sunny days and study on the rainy days.