Martin Parr Martin. Parr Photography Exhibition

2020 June 27  - July 27

     The Art Space by THE STUDIO is pleased to present “Martin Parr”, a solo exhibition of the renowned British photographer. In collaboration with Hong Kong-based art consultant initiative WANGSIM, the project pays homage to the artist’s oeuvre blending social satires with the kaleidoscope of modern life.

     The presentation features two of the most outstanding series of the artist, Bored Couples, and Common Sense created in the 1990s.


In Bored Couples, Parr examined a random sample of relationships in his project. Often depicting a sense of disconnection, vacant eyes, and silence after dinner between the woman and the man, Parr pinpoints boredom and monogamy, the two ideas ingrained like memories in our collective consciousness.


At the main time, the viewers also are given the opportunity to explore the veracity of the caption – is the boredom staged for the sake of art? Or is the stagnant relationship fully exposed and processed by the pictures? Often intending to “create friction out of photographs”, the artist sheds light on human interactions of many kinds and the audience of the exhibition bounds to view the series with a fresh perspective when momentarily, lives both inside and outside of the frame shriek to a full stop this year.


Common Sense is a 350-colored-photograph portfolio documenting global consumerism in tight closeup and lurid colors. With visuals ranging from tacky clothes to souvenir-Esque founds, the project witnessed the peak of the western’s consumer culture, and has become much more relatable for the Asian audience as the economy grows in a dramatically rapid speed on the continent and the culture turns largely global.


Those historical pictures not only marked the starting point of Parr’s successful career, but they also initiated Parr’s long term philosophies of making pictures: “The first priority of making pictures is to take a photo that is entertaining and good to look at, and also to relate to people’s lives. … There is a serious strand running through the work, but I don’t want to thrust it down people’s throat.”


More than 40 years later, in the unusual year of 2020, when traveling is limited to close to none and emotions are embraced in full solidarity, the theory of Sontag was once again put to test and proved gold – through Parr’s lurid colored photos, we feel the tropical sands that once between our toes and the gentle sways of the boat against the blue ocean tides, and we are more than certain that the lightness of life and the gregariousness inside the humanity carry on.