Private Dining Service


Consumer Notice

-2F lunch minimum consumption 70,00NT,

 set meal 1200 +10% up, per person
-2F dinner minimum consumption 12,000 NT,

 set meal 1800+10% up, per person

-3F lunch minimum consumption 22,000NT,

 set meal 1200 +10% up, per person
-3F dinner minimum consumption 30,000 NT 

 set meal 1800+10%, per person

-Last order for lunch-14:00, departure time 15:00
-Last order for dinner-21:30, departure time 22:30

- After confirming the meal date and time,

a 50% deposit will be charged in advance,

Once the deposit is received, the reservation  

will be confirmed within three days


The number of seats available:

2F up to 10 people

3F up to 30 people


- Pets are allowed, but not on the ground
- Children's meal consumption

      7-12 years old       $800/person;

       under 6 years old   $500/person

       We don't offer food for children under 3 years old

      Please prepare their food yourself

- You can bring your own birthday cake, no cleaning fee
- The restaurant charges a 10% service fee
- Payment methods include cash and credit card

For reservations, contact our official Line: @thestudiotw


In the private kitchen space of The Studio, you can not only taste delicious food but also immerse yourself in the visual enjoyment surrounded by artworks. Offering Western and Indian cuisine, our kitchen team will change the menu every season according to seasonal ingredients. Each floor only accepts one group of guests at a time, allowing customers to enjoy undisturbed service and private space.