Collection Exhibition of Oil Painting Exhibition in the 1990s

|Exhibition dates : April 17th to May 16th, 2021

|Artsits : CHIEN Chang-Ta, CHEN Rui-Fu, WANG Shou-Ying, TSAI Cheng-I

The Art Space by the Studio is honored to bring to you an exhibition of Paintings from the 90s in Taiwan, a private collection in Kaoshiung in the spring of April.

Modern art education in Taiwan began during the Japanese occupation. After the first generation of artists returned from studying in Japan, their painting style was influenced by European Post-Impressionism; Chen Cheng Po, Liau Ke-chhun, Li Mei shu, Yang San Lang and other well-known predecessor painters have studied in Japan, France, or China ; these artists painted the land and scenic spots where life was nurtured under the sky of their hometown, Taiwan.

In 1934 the establishment of the Taiyang Fine Arts Association was considered to be an initiation of "Taiwanese consciousness" in Taiwanese art history. The association provides a platform of exchange and promotes younger artists, which has an important contribution and significance to Taiwan’s painting history.


The artists in this exhibition are all members of the Taiyang Fine Arts Association.Looking back on the landscape paintings in Taiwan’s art history, we can see the changes in humanities and geographic landscapes in the past century.